About Us

Our team provides consulting services focusing on the most critical business issues.

Company Profile

Infogil Ltee is an energetic and dynamic company which specializes in the field of latest technological product and services. Founded in the year 2000 under the name Jeanne d’Arc Informatique Ltee until it bcame Infogil Ltee in 2006, the company has gone from strength to strength in the competitive Mauritian market with additionally, an exposure and expansion in the electrical field.

Infogil has forged relationships within the industry and strong ties with businesses looking approach to the other businesses they work with. And have bben committed in helping these businesses get the most of effective ICT products, services and solutions.

Managing Director: Mr Krishna Molaye

With a background in Information Technology, Mr Molaye together with his 3 partneners bought and took over the company in 2007 and as such Mr Molaye was appointed as the Managing Director. Prior to joining infogil, he served as Senior system Integegrator Consultant at eBS Consulting Ltd and has occupied several posts in large conglomerates, one of then is Currimjee Group.

Over the past 15 years, he has demonstrated expertise in implementing and providing support on solutions as distinct to ICT products and services. His collegues describe him as a “versatile, analytical and a hard-working” person with a hands-on approach, who always perserves to achieve more than the expected results. Having an ” Excellent negotiation and problem solving skills”, he swiftly identifies the root of any problem and develops an effective solutions…these are his motto

About the Employees

As far as the employees are concerned, we got a dynamic , competent, dedicated , commited and hardworking team which contributes enormously to the company’s progress. We have both an administration and technical teams that collaborate together. Since 2014, we had the opportunity to have a new partner and who is also registered M&E Engineer among us, and supervises all the Electriacal Projects.

Our Customers

Infogil has a large portfolio of customers who are mainly:

  • Business oriented, small and medium enterprises(SME) & small and medium industries(SMI)
  • Large Corporates
  • Insurance Companies
  • Cargo and Freight companies
  • NGOs
  • Hospitality
  • Government Bodies(Para-statal, Local authorities & Ministers
  • Furthermore, some of our clients are also covered under maintenance agreements.

References & Testimonials

During the 8th years of service within the new management, INFOGIL has successfully deployed and implemented ICT Systems and Electrical Installations to various organisations. INFOGIL has built a strong wealth of ICT and Electrical experience in key economic sectors. This has enabled INFOGIL to gain broad and in-depth expertise in information systems design & deployment and system integration on a wide spectrum of computer systems and technology. The level of different skills and expertise combined with our modern approach, enable our customers to achieve tangible returns on their investments. Our customer portfolio, spans over Mauritius and the neighbouring Indian Ocean islands with numerous projects in key sectors.